Geordie's Memorial Service on Hamilton Island in Canada

Just wanted to share a couple of pictures from Geordie's memorial service where we

spread his ashes off the dock at the cottage on Hamilton's Island on August 10.



The piper in the picture was magnificent in his playing and staging of himself.  


At about sunset  my family and friends assembled down by the dock While standing

there in silence waiting for the pipera 730' long Lakewent silently gliding by and the

setting  sun glinted off an airplane, five miles upas if it was some sort of sign from

Heaven. The piper then could be heard starting to play in the distance and after a

moment he slow marched down to the waterfront where my brother-in-law Rick said

a few words and Val and Shannon read some selected pieces. Then, with the piper

playing "Amazing Grace," Terry, Dick and I carried our vases of Geordie's ashes down

to the end of the dock and gently tossed the remains in the water, handful by handful,

accompanied by rose petals spread by the guests. As the petals and ashes slowly

floated  away we threw the vases out in the St. Lawrence River as far as we could and

watched as they  floated out of sight around the point. Meanwhile the piper continued

playing a "lament" while silhouetted against the slowly setting sun until it was almost

too dark to see him.


The evening was perfect! 


The cottage in Canada was Geordie's favorite place and I'm sure he would have been

pleased with the spot we chose as his final resting place. 


We want to thank all of you for your support during this very difficult time and I'm

hoping with the spreading of Geordie's ashes at the place where he found serenity

and contentment, we can start to heal. 


Geordie's Memorial Service in Florida

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